What kind of a runner are you?

In the morning, when am out for my walk/run, I tend to observe people along the way. There are a few who jut run, others who are constantly fidgeting with their iPods/MP3 players and then some who run like they are being chased by a pack of wolves. And then there are others who run shouting out curses or words [I wonder if it is to push themselves ahead or general abuses flung in air]… The worst are these who are loud and annoying.. agree?

1. The runner with crazy arm movements that nearly have others running for shelter.. These runners will have their arms flung in all directions  pushing aside anything in their way, sometimes old people who are slowly walking also get hit. I get scared whenever I see someone like this running, I change my route or run in the opposite direction.

2.The club runners -It is amazing watching people run as a group. They are like a family of ducks that cross the road together. But the only issue is they stick to the group and will not budge, even if someone else is running ahead of them or along their side. Sometimes these club runners are so slow they leave other runners frustrated. I try to tail them at times but then I get bugged and move aside or just get out of the path. I have friends who will go outside the path, overtake them and then throw them a smirk…

3. The under prepared but determined beginners- Am a rookie in the running zone, have only been running for a few months now and am not one of those who runs like the wind… But then there are other who are just taking baby steps and they are so determined to go for it, they want to be the next Usain Bolt.  It would be raining like crazy and yet they will wipe the raindrops from their face and continue to run..  They will follow a strict diet, bite into nutri bars just because a friend eats them and wear fancy head bands and shoes while they run.

4. The nervous mother runner- Oh these are the other extreme. Am sure you have seen some of them around, they will run with a constant panic stricken face and might just bolt if you go close or smile at them. They are always scared and constantly alert for anyone who might be a threat.

5. I cant stop talking/shouting runner- Yes, there are quite a few of these around. You will see them running while screaming out words/curses. You might stop to check if they are shouting at you, but most times they are oblivious to others and continue to keep running and screaming, in loud pitches. I wish they would do it inside their head and not so loud, it is quite distracting and scary. There are also those who take their running hour to catch up with friends.. They will wear their handsfree or bluetooth and constantly talk on the phone.. Sigh…

6.I cant stop fidgeting with my music player runner- Oh lord, these are the worst. Their heads are down, their hands are busy fidgeting with their gadgets. Infact I once bumped into a guy who just froze in his tracks and then when I asked if he was ok, he said “I dont like the song playing, am looking for my favorite track”.. jeez, move aside runners!! Or pre load your player with your favorite songs before you step out.

7. Am wearing fancy running gear, notice me runner- There will be a few who would have picked up new gear and come to the park in the morning. They will adjust their T-shirt, make sure their shoe laces are tied in a neat bow, adjust their fitbit and then sit on the bench pretending to check their socks, watch and what not. They do everything but run…

8. I run cos I can – These are the most inspiring runners. I watch them in awe and aspire to get there one day. They just head to the park/running area and go about it silently. They are focussed while they run and when done, do a few stretches and are gone!

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