Runner Stories- 3-Prashant

We met up with Prashant who works in a Private Limited Company in Coimbatore and spent some time asking him about his running journey and what life has been like since he took up running. Here is what he had to share,

  1. How long have you been running?

Since 2012  and it all began with Coimbatore Runners

  1. Why do you run?

Oh well, I run so I can stay fit & healthy. That apart, running is such a feel good factor.

3.Your Advice for new runners?

  • Enjoy your running and do not take it as a task[it shouldn’t become a chore which will be boring].
  • Don’t over strain, listen to your body.
  • Don’t take long breaks from regular running. Maximum break should not be more than 4 days i.e. ensure that you run on every alternate days and if you are taking break, the longest gap between runs should not be more than 4 days.
  1. Where is your favourite place to run

I have to say it is the Race Course and with my Coimbatore Runners Group.

5.. What is your preference- Group run or Solo run

I prefer Group Run with my running buddies.

Initially when I started running, I thought I’ll not do more than 10k as the same was good enough for my fitness but after running with Coimbatore Runners I started enjoying my long runs and slowly I migrated to Half Marathon. Now, I’ve trained with Coimbatore Runners and have geared up to do a FULL MARATHON on 20th August 2017 in AHM (Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017).

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