Runner stories- 2 -Umayal Palaniappan

Continuing in our runner series, we managed to catch up with Umayal Palaniappan, an Entrepreneur from Coimbatore. Apart from work, he is quite passionate about running and here is what he had to share…

1. How long have you been running

He shares that he too began his running journey courtesy the Coimbatore Runners about  3 years. (Aug’ 2014) and has been quite regular in the weekly runs.

  1. Why do you run?

Without hesitation he instantly comments that it rejuvenates him and above all, it is heaps of fun. The close knit group at Coimbatore Runners have made it memorable and keep pushing each other to go further!

  1. Your Advice for new runners?

Well, even though he hasn’t been running for long, it has been regular.Therefore it makes sense when he says   “Consistency is most important and you compete only against yourself – This will ensure that you enjoy your run”.

  1. Where is your favourite place to run?

After a brief pause, he comments that it is the Race course in Coimbatore where he enjoys running the most. He adds that he would also love to do trail runs.

  1. What is your preference- Group run or Solo run?

Group run is what I enjoy. For solo run you need more willpower & different levels of dedication and one day he hopes to be able to do it.

He signs off with “Good luck to all the runners for the Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon 2017!! “

Umayal Palaniappan‎

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