Meet the pacers..

We at Coimbatore Marathon have selected a band of passionate runners to help you reach your time goals at Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon 2017 , do read on to know more!

Who are pacers?

Pacers are seasoned runners who will run the distance in the specified time. Their key role is to help the runners ‘set the pace’ according to their timing goals. The pacers are well aware of the terrain, the weather conditions and importantly, have the adequate experience of running the distance in the time specified.

A group of pacers for a particular time are commonly referred as the ‘pacing bus.’ Join any pacing bus and you will be assured of finishing the race within the time goal. For instance, if you run with the 2:30 bus in the half-marathon category, you are assured of finishing the race in 2 hours 30 minutes or less.

Where can I find out who the pacers are?

To know more about who the Pacers are, click here. You will find their details, running history and the timing they are representing this year.

How can I interact with pacers before the race?

You can meet them at the Expo, and interact with them. Clarify any doubts and figure out who the Pacers running with your goal time.

How can I find the pacers on race day?

The pacers can be easily identified by their unique t-shirt carrying their names and time displayed behind their shirts.

Pacers - 2

Good luck! See you at the Expo.

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