Inspiring stories – Running for health


We had featured a couple who took up running and are aspiring to do their first Triathlon soon in this piece, and today we share another inspiring story from someone who took up running and has reached great heights- Srivatsan.

How it all began…

I have to thank my after marriage laziness as it is the root cause for my running. Yes. With that laziness only I crossed 100kg line on my weight. My pant size climbed to 38” from 36”. Even 38” was tight and I bought some 40” pants. I started becoming tired even with less work. Also was feeling shy with my shape.

That was the starting point and I started my walking sessions with cotton shorts and tees. As any other Coimbatorian, I used to go to race course for walking on weekends. I also used to stare at the runners with wide eyes and even jealousy. I started my short runs slowly and my extreme limit was 6 km of running by then.

An year and half ago, on a Sunday morning when I was doing some exercises in the park  [race course] after my short run, my colleague Mr.Shanmugaraj saw me. We chit chatted and he took me to CCD entrance where the Coimbatore Runners[CR] were stretching and chatting after their run. My boss Mr.Ramesh Ponnusamy waved a hi and I shared my running routine with him. As I stay at Ondipudur, which is close to Codessia, he introduced me to Mr.Dhanapal from Codessia chapter of CCD so that I can run with the team there.

I joined the team at Codessia on their next Tuesday run. They used to do two 5 km loop. I actually didn’t know what my pace was as I have never measured that ever (later understood it to be 8 min). I started getting pissed off at the 3 km mark but managed to finish the first loop. Even though most of them were very senior to me in age and I was astonished with their speed and understood my fitness level clearly.

I then took a step back from the group and started increasing my distance/pace with my solo runs. Once I touched the 10km mark, I started running with Race Course chapter [friends] as their pace was comfortable for me.

I did get a lot of running tips from all seniors. It was only after my 10km mark that I convinced myself to buy proper running clothes, shoes and thus began my running journey. A big Thanks to CR.


I have a long list of people who inspired me, but let me try keeping it short..

Mr.Dhanapal   – I was in awe of this  runner.

Mr.Ramesh Ponnusamy & Mr.Saravanan –                They have shared a lot tips on running style, clothes/gear, shoes, techniques , how to ramp up, hydration etc. I am always thankful to them. I have been thinking about my maiden FM and now have registered for Hyderabad based on Mr.Ramesh Ponnusamy’s suggestion.

Mr.Valliappan  – I got motivated to increase my pace  after running with him.

Mr.Shanmugaj – He is a quick reference guide for me. I even learnt basic stretches from him.

Mrs.Uma / Mr.Palani/Mrs.Nithya- On seeing their successful FM completion and committed training sessions, I decided to take up the FM challenge.

The entire CR team is extremely motivating and helpful to each other. As a team CR is a great inspiration for pushing me to make running a part of life.

Changes in life

My primary objective to start running is to shed some fat. I could manage to shed 13 kg in a year’s time. I have bounced back to 36” pant size. Have to travel a long way still.

I can see a considerable improvement in self-discipline which is helping me in professional life also.

Another change is improvement in punctuality and self-confidence.

Running helps me to fight my eosinophil. I used to get very frequent cold attacks which has comedown reasonably.

Events I have been a part of since I started running  18 months ago… 

Run — Distance – Time

  1. Bosch run                          –              10km                     –     59 min
  2. Kumbakonam run           –              9 km                      –     54 min
  3. Anamali run
  4. Palakad run                      –              21 km                    –     2 hrs 13 min
  5. Annur marathon              –              21 km                    –    2 hrs 6 min
  6. Coimatore Marathon       –              21 km                    –    2 hrs 16 min
  7. ISHA run                             –              18 km
  8. Kovaipudur run                –              10 km

All that I have to say about running…. 

I am not a good motivator. Still I have pushed a few of my friends and relatives into walking/running.

My childhood friend Mr.Kapil travels around the world on work. because of that his health has been neglected and seeing me he has taken up walking plus slow running which he hopes will help in his weight loss as well.

Mr.Ajay from my native town has started running upon watching me.

My wife has started walking and dieting ..she actually became jealous about the weight I have managed to shed.

Whats next on my plate.

The Hyderabad FM- With just 3 weeks away from the race day I have completed my maiden 4 hours endurance yesterday by doing a 32 km.

I also want to start Cycling after this FM as part of cross training.

After completing 3 FMs, I want to do Ultra Marathon. All this within the next 2 years.



Do you have a story to share? Send it in and we will feature it on the blog… Who knows, you just might inspire someone else to change their life…