Inspiration knocks and a journey begins.


We are happy to announce the 4th edition of Vodafone Coimbatore marathon is here!! Make sure to mark your calendars- October 2nd is the date!  Registrations are open, head over to and grab a spot…

And this year it is all about making a choice, do you choose to

  • get on the road and run,
  • contribute to a worthy cause
  • cheer for your city
  • all of the above..


Over the years we have seen the event grow, not only in the number of participants, but also becoming an event that runners across the country wish to be a part of. There are many who have taken up running , inspired by the Coimbatore Marathon. We managed to speak with a husband-wife duo  who have not only taken to running, but completed a Full Marathon and are aspiring to reach bigger feats in the near future. They made a choice to change their lives and here is how they went about it.

Uma [47yrs] and Palani [49yrs] are from Coimbatore who like everyone else was busy with their business and life. Here is what Uma had to share when we asked them about their running journey.

“We are involved in a business and so days are long and tough. There is plenty of stress, tension and challenges we face on a daily basis. While I have been doing yoga for a while, both of us have always wanted to take up running but were not too confident of doing it alone, kept looking for company. Around the same time is when we came upon the Coimbatore Marathon [2years ago], the team behind the event- Coimbatore Runners and their training runs [which are completely free]. We signed up for the training runs and since then there has been no looking back [literally].

The Coimbatore Runners training groups made running fun. They did not push us, but took us stage by stage, encouraging us along the way. We learnt about pacing ourselves, running with a rhythm and within a week I was able to run 2.5kms at a stretch [without breaks]. And in one month’s time, I was at 10K mark and in 6 months we had run Half Marathons [21km]. During the course of a year, we participated and completed our very first Full Marathon in Bangalore [6hours 20mins].

What is more, since last year we have begun volunteering at the Coimbatore Marathon and looking forward to doing the same this year as well. It is a fabulous team to work with and we enjoy it immensely.



Apart from running, I have been doing yoga, but that is about it. Running has opened new doors, showed us the joy of being outdoors. We are also into cycling. This prompted us to participate in the Duathlon [Cycling and Running] and hopefully soon we shall participate in a Triathlon [though swimming remains a weakness of mine]

Oh and guess what, I get upset if we miss a run.[laughs], that is how addicted we have become to running. When we travel to the hills, we always carry a pair of shoes and hit the road in the mornings, but when we visit our hometown we take it easy, people are not familiar with running and wonder what has gotten into us. That apart, when I run, I get a new boost of energy that lasts through the day and it has helped deal with stress and craziness of business much better.

The only thing am still not confident about is running on my own, especially since there are quite a few stray dogs on the roads. Therefore works best when we run together or in a group. I can run at peace!

With respect to food, I notice that am eating more, metabolism has improved. Earlier I would have dinner around 7pm, but now I can eat at 10pm and not feel stuffed.

Running is fun- that is the one thing I have learnt~ 

More stories shall follow, do share yours by writing in to us on…