Gearing up for the Race day…

We know that many of you are seasoned runners and so have a regime that you follow for the week ahead of the Race and the day before the same. But then there are others who are running their first marathon or looking for some last minute tips.. So here goes,

The day before the race

Food & Hydration:

  • Do make sure that all your meals and snacks on the day before the race contain carbs.
  • It is also a good idea to avoid high fiber foods.
  • To ensure that you are well hydrated, drink little but drink often.
  • You can also eat a banana or two for the potassium.


  • Get adequate sleep the day before the race. You might be nervous and restless, but that is nothing to worry about.

On Race day:

The morning of the Race:

  • Start the day early and make sure to reach the venue with enough time to spare.
  • For instant energy, you can also have fruits, oats, dates or some bread.
  • Remember to wear running gear that you are comfortable with. Best to wear shoes that you have been training in.
  • Carry the fuel belt if you are used to the same.


  • Proper pacing is paramount for the marathon. It is essential to maintain the same pace through the race with as little fluctuation as possible.
  • Finishing the race is important, an injury or illness is the only circumstance under which giving up is okay. Don’t keep running if you’re putting your health at risk.

Note: Diabetics and others with specific health problems should consult with their doctors about the best foods to eat during their carb-loading phase.

Apart from these, we came upon a few articles online that talk about what you should [not] do the day before the Marathon… Hopefully these will help you prepare and run better..

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See you at the start line on Sunday, 1st October.

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