Inspiring stories.. Age is just a number- Mr T Rajendran

Another runner we caught up with on the Race day was T Rajendran, who is quite a familiar face in the marathon circuit.. He is 80+ yrs old, hails from Sivakasi, runs barefoot, full of life, enthusiasm and every ready to have a quick chat. We had a quick chat with him after the event and he was more than eager to share his journey, stories and future plans.


He began walking and running only about 8 years ago, to improve his health in general. He walks or runs every alternate day for about 10 km and exercises at home 3 days a week when he is not walking or running. Being quite new to running, he was quite eager to learn about how to improve his speed as well as resolve issues with shoe-selection, which had led him to run barefoot in his events. He took the 4th place in the 5000m in the 75-79 age category, in 33rd National Masters Athletic Championship, held at the Kanteerava stadium. He hasnt looked back since then…

His first ever full marathon was in Viruddhunagar, back in February 2010. Apparently in that event, he ran 8kms on the wrong route and then managed to get back on track to complete the full marathon in 6:30:00. During the run, his toe nails came off and that is when he stopped wearing shoes. The one thing that stands out about him is the vibhudhi pattai on his forehead and the way he stands right in the front at every marathon along the Start line!

His most recent run was on 29th Sep in Singapore, which he completed and flew straight to Coimbatore to run the Half Marathon event .. he was so eager to show us the medals he has won so far, his companion pulled them out one by one… :-)

About the Coimbatore Marathon

He spoke very fondly about the Coimbatore Marathon, saying it was always a memorable & good experience. He went on to say “It is equal to international marathons, in terms of how well it is organised, and the facilities provided..this is conducted like a family way, people are always willing & ready to help others out. Food & water provided at the aid stations and break fast counters is generous, shows what a good mind and heart the team has. The Volunteers with board saying speed breaker was brilliant, helped us avoid injury.. I pray to God it becomes recognised in the international circuit”..

Thangappanadar Dharmaraj Rajendran or Sivakasi thatha as he is fondly referred to is clearly somebody who is not discouraged by age.

An article in the Hindu about this amazing runner…

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Race Timings and Photographs

Phew, the months seem to have flown by, the event was a huge success.. it is now time to share updates on the timing and photographs. We know you have been eagerly awaiting event photographs…

At the Expo:

The Race day:

Here are the links to the Race day photographs…
Medal & Prize distribution

The event photographs are up on our website as well If you do post images online, kindly use the hashtags #CM17 and #coimbatoremarathon so we will be able to see the posts .. Thank you

Photographs courtesy : Flashbulbzz Photography

Inspiring stories.. Age is just a number- Mrs Bhanumathy

On Sep 30th at the Expo and on Race day, 1st Oct we got to interact with a few veterans who were into sports and running, including marathons.  We kick off the series with a woman  who had quite a few inspiring stpries to share…

At the Expo, we got the opportunity to meet, listen to and interact with Mrs Bhanumathy, 63 who is an active sportswoman, has been running marathons and is a cancer survivor. She told us about her life and things that she has accomplished,and hopes to in the coming years.



From a young age she has been into sports – Shotput. Hammer throw, discus throw and javelin, all of which she continues to participate in even today. Back during her academic years, she was a State level champion and now after her fight with cancer, she went back to participate in the district level tournaments in the veteran category. Last year she came 2nd in the three sporting events she took part in and this year she hopes to ace it and come 1st. She says the reason she came 2nd last year was she was recovering from her surgery and the left arm was weak. She had to skip Hammer throw, which she hopes to win this year and earn a Gold medal got in all three events.

Cancer, the phase-

When talking about cancer, she says she was diagnosed just before 2014. Cancer is always known as a “rich man’s disease” because of the expenses that came along with it.  But then off late we hear about people across walks of life suffering because of cancer and things have changed now. She infact was diagnosed just a year before she retired from the Government job [postal service] and therefore was able to manage finances and have the surgery as well.

Running & Age

She told us that running in the 5th edition of Coimbatore Marathon was something she was looking forward to. And encouraged others to do something out of their comfort zone. She is a firm believer that age is just a number, it is all in our minds and if we can put our mind to things, anything can be achieved.

One statement she made that stays with us is “I never questioned God why me..” I was always looking at the future and held on to hope. All I tell people is to “Live and do good as long as possible.”

How inspiring right? The audience who got to listen to her interview were spell bound by her grit, determination and passion!

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