Gearing up for the Race day…

We know that many of you are seasoned runners and so have a regime that you follow for the week ahead of the Race and the day before the same. But then there are others who are running their first marathon or looking for some last minute tips.. So here goes,

The day before the race

Food & Hydration:

  • Do make sure that all your meals and snacks on the day before the race contain carbs.
  • It is also a good idea to avoid high fiber foods.
  • To ensure that you are well hydrated, drink little but drink often.
  • You can also eat a banana or two for the potassium.


  • Get adequate sleep the day before the race. You might be nervous and restless, but that is nothing to worry about.

On Race day:

The morning of the Race:

  • Start the day early and make sure to reach the venue with enough time to spare.
  • For instant energy, you can also have fruits, oats, dates or some bread.
  • Remember to wear running gear that you are comfortable with. Best to wear shoes that you have been training in.
  • Carry the fuel belt if you are used to the same.


  • Proper pacing is paramount for the marathon. It is essential to maintain the same pace through the race with as little fluctuation as possible.
  • Finishing the race is important, an injury or illness is the only circumstance under which giving up is okay. Don’t keep running if you’re putting your health at risk.

Note: Diabetics and others with specific health problems should consult with their doctors about the best foods to eat during their carb-loading phase.

Apart from these, we came upon a few articles online that talk about what you should [not] do the day before the Marathon… Hopefully these will help you prepare and run better..

1. What to avoid before a Half marathon

2. How to prepare yourself the Day Before a Marathon

See you at the start line on Sunday, 1st October.

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Runner Stories- 5- Manjunath

And finally in the Runner stories series, we are happy to feature Manjunath who works in a Private Limited Company in Coimbatore and is a regular runner.

  1. How long have you been running?

Well, that is easy. I have been running since 2012. The journey for me began with the Coimbatore Runners and continues..

  1. Why do you run?

Now that is an interesting question. I would have to say three things- to improve my fitness levels, increase self confidence and finally relieve stress.

3.Your Advice for new runners?

There is just one piece of advice I would share- “Don’t strain, listen to your body.”

  1. Where is your favourite place to run

For me it is the Race Course with my Coimbatore Runners Group. Though I have been running for 5years, I am now quite keen on running trails.

  1. What is your preference- Group run or Solo run

It is group runs only for me.. These are always fun and quite motivating.


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Runner stories- 4 – Sathish Kini

Next up in our runner stories series, we spent some time talking to Sathish Kini, Chief Operating Officer and passionate runner with Coimbatore Runners. Like the others before, he too had many fond things to say about running and his life before and after..

1. How long have you been running?

Have been running the past 3 & half  years, and it all started with Coimbatore Runners.

  1. Why do you run?

Oh, I run just to keep fit and healthy.  Apart from these, I have discovered that I actually enjoy running .

  1. Your Advice for new runners?

The only thing I would say is – beginners need to get some basics about running- like warm up, stretches etc. All this will help them run injury free.  Running is not only fun  but it is a good way to keep yourself fit & healthy .

  1. Where is your favourite place to run?

If I had to pick a place from anywhere in the world, I would say “Anywhere in Europe” . Yes, I enjoyed running there because of the clean fresh air which makes it a perfect running destination .

  1. What is your preference- Group run or Solo run?

Surprisingly am ok with both options. But for the Sunday runs, I do prefer group runs… :)

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How to Reach Coimbatore

For all those coming into Coimbatore from other parts of the state and country, here is a list of trains/buses for you to choose.  In case you have any specific queries, do leave a comment and we will reach out and help you..

Coimbatore being a major commercial center, it is well connected to all parts of the country. It is very easy to access the city through road, rail, or air.

By Air

Coimbatore has its own airport, Coimbatore International Airport, located around 11 km away from the city centre. It is well connected to major cities in India. Several international and domestic flights connect Coimbatore to other cities across the world and within India.

By Train

Coimbatore junction connects almost all major cities of India to Coimbatore through rail. Apart from this Podanur Junction, Coimbatore North Junction, Southern Railway, Indian Railway Reservation and Southern Railway are few other railway stations that lie in close proximity.

Trains to Coimbatore

From Chennai:
Kovai Express/12675
Chennai Central-Coimbatore Duronto Express/12243
Chennai Central-Coimbatore Intercity Express/12679
Cheran Express/12673 More Trains…

From Delhi:
Kongu Express/12648
Kerala Express/12626
Millennium Express/12646
Swarna Jayanti Express/12644 More Trains…

From Mumbai:
Mumbai CST-Trivandrum Weekly Express/16331
Mumbai CST – Kanniyakumari Jayanti Janta Express/16381
Mumbai LTT- Coimbatore Kurla Express/11013 More Trains…

From Kolkata:
Santragachi Mangalore Vivek Express/22851
Shalimar Trivandrum Bi-Weekly Express/16324
Shalimar-Nagercoil Gurudev Express/12660 More Trains…

By Road

Six major arterial roads along with three National highways pass through the city.

These include

  • NH-47 (Kanyakumari-Salem),
  • NH-67 (Nagapattinam-Ooty) and
  • NH-209 (Bangalore-Dindigul).

Along with the State Road Transport Corporation of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, many private buses ply in and around the city of Coimbatore. A tourist can easily find super deluxe buses connecting Trivandrum, Cochin, Chennai, Kozhikode, Hyderabad and Bangalore to Coimbatore.

Bus Stands in Coimbatore 

Following are the main bus stands in Coimbatore: 

  • Gandhipuram Bus Stand
  • Singanallur Bus Stand
  • SETC Bus Stand
  • Ukkadam Bus Stand
  • Mettupalayam Road Bus stand
  • Omni Bus Stand

The buses are operated by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). Auto rickshaws and radio cabs are also available in the city.

Distance to Coimbatore

  • Ooty – 85 km
  • Kozhikode – 184 km
  • Kochi – 190 km
  • Mysore – 204 km
  • Madurai – 216 km
  • Bangalore – 363 km
  • Puducherry – 372 km
  • Thiruvananthapuram – 388 km
  • Mangalore – 417 km
  • Chennai – 497 km Coimbatore Distance Chart

See you at the Expo on 30th September!! Do stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for updates …

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Runner Stories- 3-Prashant

We met up with Prashant who works in a Private Limited Company in Coimbatore and spent some time asking him about his running journey and what life has been like since he took up running. Here is what he had to share,

  1. How long have you been running?

Since 2012  and it all began with Coimbatore Runners

  1. Why do you run?

Oh well, I run so I can stay fit & healthy. That apart, running is such a feel good factor.

3.Your Advice for new runners?

  • Enjoy your running and do not take it as a task[it shouldn’t become a chore which will be boring].
  • Don’t over strain, listen to your body.
  • Don’t take long breaks from regular running. Maximum break should not be more than 4 days i.e. ensure that you run on every alternate days and if you are taking break, the longest gap between runs should not be more than 4 days.
  1. Where is your favourite place to run

I have to say it is the Race Course and with my Coimbatore Runners Group.

5.. What is your preference- Group run or Solo run

I prefer Group Run with my running buddies.

Initially when I started running, I thought I’ll not do more than 10k as the same was good enough for my fitness but after running with Coimbatore Runners I started enjoying my long runs and slowly I migrated to Half Marathon. Now, I’ve trained with Coimbatore Runners and have geared up to do a FULL MARATHON on 20th August 2017 in AHM (Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017).

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Runner stories- 2 – Palaniappan

Continuing in our Inspiring runner series, we managed to catch up with Palaniappan, from Coimbatore. Apart from work, he is quite passionate about running and here is what he had to share…

1. How long have you been running

He is also one of those who started his running journey with Coimbatore Runners [about  3 years -Aug’ 2014) ago] . Since then he has been quite regular in the weekly runs and training runs as well.

  1. Why do you run?

Without hesitation he instantly comments that it rejuvenates him and above all, it is heaps of fun. The close knit group at Coimbatore Runners have every meet and run a memorable one and keep pushing each other to go further!

  1. Your Advice for new runners?

Well, even though he hasn’t been running for long, he has been regular with his routine. Therefore it makes sense when he says   “Consistency is most important and you compete only against yourself – This will ensure that you enjoy your run”.

  1. Where is your favourite place to run?

After a brief pause, he comments that it is the Race course in Coimbatore where he enjoys running the most. He adds that he would also love to do trail runs.

  1. What is your preference- Group run or Solo run?

Group run is what I enjoy. For solo run you need more willpower & different levels of dedication and one day he hopes to be able to do it. Infact his wife Umayal also got into running around the same time and they are part of the Coimbatore Runners now..

He signs off with “Good luck to all the runners for the Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon 2017!! “

Umayal Palaniappan‎