‘Running Plus’ an initiative by Coimbatore Runners for VCM2016

“Running Plus” – an information session on various aspects related to running. The 1st session was held on  Saturday, September 17, 2016 at GKD Auditorium, GKNM Hospital premises, Coimbatore.

Running Plus featured talks by seasoned runners from Coimbatore Runners, medical doctors and dieticians from GKNM Hospital, our wellness partner, and doctors specialising in sports medicine from Ortho One, our Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Partner. The talks would range over topics such as getting started with running, importance of a good diet, injury-prevention amongst others.  The audience will also get an opportunity to interact with the speakers at the end of the session.

Here is an article that was featured in The Hindu, today’s edition on the event.. [http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/tips-for-firsttime-runners/article9127906.ece]


[Image courtesy: The Hindu]


The Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon (VCM) has created awareness on cancer by its flagship annual event. As a result, more and more Coimbatore residents have eagerly embraced running to improve their health and fitness and in the past weeks have been spotted in large numbers gearing up for the race day on October 2nd.

As a run up to that, the Coimbatore Runners Group organised ‘Running Plus’, an informative session for the recreational runner. Outlining the idea behind the event, Siva of Coimbatore Runners said it was an an initiative to address the myths and doubts about running for those who have newly taken to long distance running and walking”.

Kavipriya, Dietician, GKNM Hospital (Wellness Partner), Dr. Karthik, Orthopaedician and Titus, Physiotherapist of Ortho One (Sports Medicine Partner) and Narayanan, Physical fitness trainer, among others spoke on the occasion.

Welcoming the participants, Dr. T. Balaji, Managing Trustee, Coimbatore Cancer Foundation briefly shared the journey and the joy beinga part of Coimbatore Marathon from inception to its fourth edition.

Ramesh Ponnuswami, Race Director, Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon, explained how the event was envisaged to encourage residents of Coimbatore to take up ‘recreational’ running and sustain it even after the marathon event. The session saw the audience interacting with the experts and having their doubts cleared by them as well as experienced runners.

The right attire:

The key is to choose the attire that is comfortable. Avoid new clothes. If there is chaffing use lubricants to minimise it.

Right Shoes?

The choice of footwear depends on the individual’s feet and running style. Start running with your basic footwear and analyse the soles for the impact of running. It will give an indication on what type of shoes will suit you. Never try a new pair of shoes or freshly washed shoes on a race day.

How to start running?

Start by walking! Gradually, combine walking with short bursts of running and slowly increase the duration. Never exert yourself beyond your capacity. Make sure you feel good when you finish.

The right age for running?

No right age!! Coimbatore Runners have runners of all ages and background! You can start at any age. As a popular quote goes, “no one can go back and make a brand new start; anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Should I set targets by time or distance?

Choose one of the two and stick to your choice! For beginners, training with time targets helps them to take it easy. Start with 30 minutes of run/walk and increase not more than 10 per cent every week. Distance will eventually happen. It is often said that the most difficult distance to cover is from bed to the door and if you have started running, you have already achieved the most difficult distance.

On the Race Day

Running on the race day requires discipline and etiquette from all runners. Runners can help themselves by starting with the right pace groups and give way to runners running the longer distances.


A balanced diet should have healthy proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Do not try new items on the day before race day. Consumption of vegetables, especially leafy ones, adequate water during the day, understanding the relationship between food consumed and energy expended should help runners.


Drinking enough water is critical for long distance running. During the race, runners should alternate between water and electrolytes (salt-sugar solution) at the aid stations.

Country Roads or Tarmac?

Remember that running is a high impact sport and can cause damages if not practised judiciously. Running on soft surfaces is generally preferable (and enjoyable) but may not make significant difference over tarmac surfaces. Runners must focus on strengthening their muscles that help in running to minimise the impact on the bones.

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