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  1. The Marathon – Read about the VCM team, all the action going on behind the scenes and what keeps us going.
  2. The Race- We will also share key information regarding the actual race- the date, the venue, the routes and others.
  3. Snippets and stories from around Coimbatore- Curious to know how the city got its name? Where are its roots? What it is famous for?
  4. Things you can do while in Coimbatore- You have a few hours to spare and instead of sitting in the hotel room you could be out exploring the town.
  5. Places to see in Coimbatore- Visiting a town for the 1st time or after a gap is always exciting. So, let us look at a few interesting places around Coimbatore that you can visit.
  6. Fitness mantras- Everybody has a philosophy about their health. Fitness routines, eating habits and exercise patterns differ. We will show you what you can do when preparing for a run, good food guide and much more

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